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Bottled water is a success that was unseen by most people. It served as a laughing stock to citizen who heard from someone that water should be sold. Well, distilled water is now a multi-billion dollar business. Who's laughing now, huh? But then again, here comes another marketed basic necessity that even I laugh at. Canned Oxygen. This threatens to replace that priceless air quality in Minnesota. And boy, it's $20 a bottle.

If we will closely look at the threat to this Minnesota air quality I really adore, Canned Oxygen features pure oxygen. Scientific studies show that when people inhale pure oxygen, it gives a temporary boost in energy and stamina. Mold removal Minnesota guys I know who finish half-a-kilometer pool, could finish another mile after some inhaling.

Come to think about it, even my cousins, who are diligent Minnesota mold inspection foot soldiers, need pure oxygen when worse comes to stress. It clears the mind and relieves us from stress. I know, I got a shot on this one when a friend let me breathe from his law-review messiah. It was invigorating, actually, that it made me feel better that very moment. It matched that Minnesota indoor air quality I am very proud of.

I did some research, though (last seven months ago). First thing I've learned, these pure oxygen cans come in flavors. You decide the purity of that. Second, pure oxygen is lethal. Oxygen is one of the most toxic elements in the environment. It just so happens that evolution made us adapt to the perfect mixture of toxics around us.

You think only people with lung complications should use this? Think again. Pure oxygen makes carbon dioxide immunization toxic. CO2 is toxic. If we only get used to taking pure oxygen, our bodies reaction toCO2 might get us into trouble. Heard of the saying, "no one dies from dirtiness but cleanliness kills?" That's the probability here when we become "new" and vulnerable to carbon dioxide exposure.

Who only uses pure oxygen or similar to that? Only astronauts use this. Why? For the very same reason you need the billion-year-old oxygen. Here's the catch though, astronauts are safe with pure oxygen because space has low pressure. Use it on earth for a day and expect fluid in your lungs.

Then again, we are talking about a whole-day of pure oxygen. It wouldn't hurt if use when we are much stressed.

Will it be a necessity? Well, take a look around us. If we continue to mess up with mother earth, pollution will kick in and CO2 and carbon monoxide will be heavier than the normal mixture in our atmosphere.

It might or might not be a necessity. It all depends on our actions. But for now, let's enjoy the Atlantic's breeze, the hurricane's turbulence, and the breath of our partners. Never mind the last part.

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This article was published on 2010/11/20