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Every person is required to breathe in order to live. It may be assumed that all people have the exactly the same level of oxygen in the body. However, oxygen levels of each person are different from each other.

For majority of people, oxygen level of 95-100 percent is considered normal. Within this acceptable range, the cells of the body have adequate amount of oxygen to carry out body functions. A level outside the range may be a reason for a concern and warrants monitoring and testing by the doctor.

The level of oxygen can be measured and monitored in a variety of ways. The most common is through blood test. Arterial blood gas is the type of blood test done that is usually done. Another means to monitor oxygen is with the use of oximeter. This method utilizes light sensors to measure oxygen levels called pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter provides accurate and rapid readings of oxygen level saturation and pulse rate and strength. It is small and compact in size which you can store in any place you want. It can even be stored in your purse or wallet which it can be helpful to use this device whenever it is necessary. It also has optimal system that will allow you to monitor and measure oxygen levels in the blood with accuracy with real time, without any preparations. It is also used for monitoring critically ill patient in the intensive care. Some monitors can even detect the level of hypoxia, reduce the rate of blood gas analysis and avoid hyperoxia.

It is important to monitor oxygen levels in the body to prevent further complications. Anything that is lower than 95 percent of oxygen saturation will be considered as Low Oxygen level. This person may experience fatigue and may have a grayish blue tone. Symptoms may includes shortness of breathe, disorientation, fainting and dizziness. A saturation level that is higher than 100 is considered as high oxygen level. The greatest issue for a high oxygen level in the body is the releasing of signal in the brain telling the body that it is not necessary to breathe. Sleep apnea is commonly associated with high level oxygen in which a person stops breathing for a brief period while sleeping.

Checking the patient oxygen status is very time consuming work before. But now, checking can be done in a few seconds or minutes.

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Importance Of Oxygen Monitoring

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This article was published on 2010/12/27